Canada can thrive in the era of climate change.

To do so, we need an economy that continues to encourage innovation and investment.

For that, we need to create a greater Canadian consensus for ambitious climate policies because uncertainty is not working.

Canadian Business for Climate Policy works to ensure that consistent, effective and efficient climate policies are designed and implemented, at both the provincial and federal levels, by 2025.


Climate Principles

Canadian Business for Climate Policy understands that:

  • Climate change is an urgent reality facing Canadians, the economy and Canadian businesses from coast to coast to coast
  • Uncertainty on climate policy poses significant risks and costs to businesses across Canada. The politicization of the climate debate has made developing effective and predictable public policy to address climate change more difficult. Governments can address this risk by providing greater certainty.
  • The Canadian Business for Climate Policy calls on governments to create consistent and efficient climate policy that moves Canada towards its Paris commitments on Green House Gas (GHG) reductions and adaptation measures while positioning the country on the long-term path towards a low-carbon and resilient economy.
  • Climate policies must be effective, efficient and consistent from one government to the next so that business can rely on them. Consistent climate policy will enable business to focus its efforts on investing, growing and innovating.
  • The Canadian Business for Climate Policy calls on governments to co-create foundational climate policy with the active involvement of the business community to ensure that we can all move forward towards a greater climate consensus.

Uncertainty Isn’t Working

Climate change is real—and Canadians needs to encourage a real, and coordinated, response from all levels of government.

Changes to our environment, and our economy, are already underway. A major pivot in how we adapt to a changing climate is inevitable.

Canadian businesses can and must adapt in an era of climate change. We can contribute to a successful economy that meets our Paris Agreement targets. We can thrive by meeting the challenge of climate change with continued innovation in business. With the right support, Canadian businesses can drive new opportunities, and new careers, as markets shift.

The size and complexity of this task cannot be underestimated. It will take all of us— individuals, business, government—to meet climate consequences and commitments head on.

“Canada should put forward a renewed long-term vision for its transition, with focused policies to help businesses and investors of all sizes effectively respond to the economic opportunity.”

— Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance

Canada’s success relies on this: our ability to sidestep the trap of divisiveness, and partisan politics, to pursue solutions in this essential conversation. Canada can develop ambitious, consistent climate policies to enable business to play an effective part in meeting the greatest challenge of our generation.

This is a difficult task, asking for unprecedented leadership from government and industry, but one where we must succeed if Canada is to be successful.

Canadian business is ready to do its part and can play a significant role by encouraging a greater Canadian consensus on climate policy. It must also be co-creators in meeting this challenge. Join our effort to work towards consistent, ambitious and effective climate policy for every province and territory, by 2025.

Let us get to work.


Who We Are

Our Members

Canadian Business for Climate Policy is a coalition of business voices from every sector, coast-to-coast-to-coast. Our members include leading businesses in insurance, finance, forestry, energy, construction and more.

Our Leadership

David McGown is a senior business executive with experience in government, finance, business, policy and the voluntary sector. Previous roles include Senior VP, Insurance Bureau of Canada; VP Corporate Development, CIBC; Assistant to a federal Minister of Finance; Economist with the Department of Finance and Past President, The Couchiching Institute.

Our Advisory Committee

Our advisory committee includes corporate thought leaders including:

  • Andrea Moffat – Ivey Foundation
  • Corey Diamond – Efficiency Canada
  • Craig Stewart – Insurance Bureau of Canada
  • Katie Sullivan – International Emissions Trading Association
  • Stephen MacDonald – Efficiency One
  • Rick Anderson – Earnscliffe Strategy
  • Avrim Lazar – Consultant and Ivey Advisory Committee
  • Aaron Henry – Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Our Work

What We Do

We’re committed to ensuring consistent, ambitious and non-partisan climate policies are designed and implemented, at both the provincial and federal levels, by 2025.

Our work includes:

Advocating for and increasing awareness of the importance of efficient climate policy as a foundational contribution to continued investment and innovation for the Canadian economy and for Canada’s business community.

Encouraging governments to invest in mitigation, climate resilient infrastructure and climate adaptation.

Convening thought leaders, business executives, government officials and policy specialists to shape climate policy recommendations.

Conducting and sharing evidence-based research that supports effective climate policy development.

“Businesses ignoring climate change face bankruptcy.”

– Mark Carney of The Bank of England

Membership Value

Join Us

Canadian Business for Climate Policy is a coast-to-coast-to-coast coalition of business voices. We welcome new members from every sector, and of every size.

As a member, you will help to support the coalition through a financial contribution, engage in coalition meetings and amplify our message through your own networks. You’ll also connect with others in a highly networked, credible and on-the-ground organization.

Joining the coalition demonstrates your support of consistent and effective climate policy in Canada, and your organization’s leadership in this new era of climate awareness.


To become a member of the coalition, or to find out more about our work, contact:

David McGown, Executive Director

Send us a message